Traffic Calming Proposals

In 2016, there were several incidents relating to vehicles which were a cause for concern to residents and the Parish Council. The most serious being the agricultural trailer which jacknifed outside the old Post Office, partially demolishing the wall of the cottage opposite and causing other damage. In response to this, local residents and the Parish Council approached NCC who have now produced two options for traffic calming.

Option 1 – New 20mph signage in the village, relocate existing gateway signage closer to the village from the North and introduce a 40mph zone from prior to Blue House between the 60/20.  20mph road markings at all 3 entrances.

Plan for Option 1

Option 2 – As above with rumble strips rather than 20mph road markings.
 Please could you have a look at the options and email the Parish Clerk if you have any comments/preferred option.