Swarland’s Roads


The current poor state of  may of the roads in Swarland is an ongoing concern for local residents. Who is responsible for their maintenance,  and to what standard do they have to be maintained at to ensure public safety is a question often asked.

Parish Councillors have worked with NCC to investigate the situation and the pdf report below gives details. Also shown is a plan of the area with NCC ownership of roads, and those that they have adopted  clearly indicated.

A document has recently come to light dated 2006 suggesting NCC had agreed to dedicate and adopt the roads. The PC is pursuing this.

Swarland Backroads Dedication & Adoption 2006

Actions by the Parish Council to Improve Roads in Swarland Brief Update – 20 June 2021

Who looks after Swarland’s Roads?

NCC ownership MAP of roads in Swarland

If you have an accident on one of these roads, you should write to: The Insurance Department/Claims, Northumberland County Council, County Hall, Morpeth, NE61 2EF, giving the date the accident happened, the location, if you have taken any photographs or have receipts for replaced tyres etc. and send them in with the claim as that will speed the process up otherwise you will get a letter asking for all these details and that will cause further delay.