Parish Council Accounts 2020/21 and Audit 2020/21

Please click on the link below for a summary of the PC accounts for 20/21 and details of income and expenditure. If you have any queries or would like some additional information please contact the Parish Clerk: Jan Anderson on

31st AUGUST 2021 – The external Auditors have been in touch with the PC and highlighted a typographic error on page 5 of the AGAR 3.

Its important that part 1 of the form is approved before Part 2 and this wasn’t clear. This has now been amended and approved by the PC and a copy sent to the external Auditors. Click below to look at the whole AGAR 3 with this amendment. The External Auditors approved the accounts on 12th September 2021 and the Certificate is shown below. If you’d like a copy of the AGAR 3 free of charge – please contact the clerk.

31-8-21 Corrected AGAR 3 Newton on the Moor & Swarland 20-21

12-9-21 External Auditor Report and Certificate 2021/21




 20-21 Summary Accounts 21-5-21

Making Provision for the exercise of public rights 2020/21

Members of the public are entitled to see the accounts of the Parish Council and this Notice has to be displayed by law. However, anyone can contact the Clerk at any time and a copy will be provided. Contact Jan Anderson 07775060430.

PC Income and expenditure 20-21

Reconciliation 2020-21 6-5-21

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 20/21 Part 3

Explanation of variances 20/21