Parish Council Accounts 2021/22 and Audit 2021/22


Members of the public are entitled to see the accounts of the Parish Council and this Notice has to be displayed by law. However, anyone can contact the Clerk at any time and a copy will be provided. Contact Jan Anderson 07775060430

The PC approved accounts for 21/22 and other audit documents will be published and available for the public to examine 13th June 22-22nd July 2022.

Making provision for the exercise of public rights 2021/22

Annual AGAR 2021-22 APPROVED 25th May 2022

Please note that although the AGAR has been internally audited, and approved by the Parish Council it has not yet been externally audited.

Parish Council Accounts 1.4.21-31.3.22 Approved 25th May 2022

Explanation of Variances Approved 25th May 2022

Bank Reconciliation 2021-22 Approved 25th May 2022