From 8th May 2017 the Parish Councillors are:

Chairman – Cllr David Francis, West Winds, Newton on the Moor, NE65 9JY.

t: 01665 575791 e:

Cllr Francis’s Declaration of Interests.


Cllr Greg Anderson, 16 Newton on the Moor NE65 9JY.

t: 01665 575145   e:

Cllr Anderson’s Declaration of Interests.


Cllr Neil Mansfield, 13 Chesterwell, Swarland, NE65 9NA

t: 01670 787174 e:

Cllr Mansfield’s Declaration of Interests – Currently being updated.


Cllr David Rixon, 21 Newton on the Moor NE65 9JY

t:01665 575680

Cllr Rixon’s Declaration of Interests.


Cllr Suzanne Stanley, Field House, Studley Drive, Swarland, NE65 9JT

t: 01670 787916 e:

Cllr Stanley’s Declaration of Interests.


Cllr Steve Woolfrey, 1 Kenmore Croft, Swarland, NE65 9QU

t: 01670 787883

Cllr Woolfrey’s Declaration of Interests.


Cllr Liz Clark, East Cottage, Hazon, Morpeth, NE65 9AT

t: 07833 229028

Cllr Clark’s Declaration of Interests


Cllr Karen Howard-Row, Fair Lawns, Newton on the Moor, Morpeth, NE65 9JY

t:07800801059         e:

Cllr Howard-Row’s Declaration of Interests


Cllr Stuart Cutforth, Casey Lodge, Park Road, Swarland, NE65 9JD

t: 01636 636851

Cllr Cutforth’s Declaration of Interests

Parish Clerk

Jan Anderson, 16 Newton on the Moor, Morpeth NE65 9JY

t: 01665 575145 e:


Cllr Attendance 2016-17